These 3 Stocks Are Soaring

Today’s chart shows the remarkable uptrend of three electric companies…

As longtime DailyWealth readers know, utility stocks often make safe investments during volatile swings in the market. We rely on these companies to supply our homes with water, gas, and electricity. They often have monopoly positions in their regions, which makes them great stocks to hold for the long term…

For proof, we’ll look at shares of three electric companies: Ameren (AEE), DTE Energy (DTE), and Exelon (EXC).

Each of these companies is headquartered in the Midwest.

And each provides millions of people across the country with electricity and natural gas.

This in-demand service ensures steady profits… Each company reported higher earnings per share in the third quarter compared with this time last year.

What’s more, all three companies have consistently paid dividends and raised their payouts for years.

And as you can see, their stocks have soared over the past five years, recently hitting new multiyear highs. Fulfilling the energy needs for millions of Americans is a business that continues to pay off…

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Source: Daily Wealth’s Market Notes