This Stock is Breaking Out


Today’s chart highlights one of our favorite strategies at work… buying companies that sell simple products.

You don’t need to sell flashy or innovative products to have a successful business. “Boring” products like cigarettes, soda, coffee, Twinkies, and laundry detergent are always in demand.

These staples are the cornerstones of steady, profitable businesses that generate good cash flows for investors.

For proof, we’ll look at a pet-food company…

Blue Buffalo Pet Products (BUFF) is the fastest-growing major pet-food company in the U.S.

It makes its dog- and cat-food products with whole meats, fruits and vegetables, and other high-quality natural ingredients.

Unlike many of its competitors, the company doesn’t use chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat, or soy ingredients.

And it looks like this improvement is popular with consumers…

Last quarter, Blue Buffalo announced it will launch one of its pet-food formulas in four leading mass retailers – including Target (TGT). As you can see, shares of BUFF have spiked on the news. They’re up nearly 30% from their August lows. If sales are successful at these new retailers, this rally could just be getting started…

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Source: Daily Wealth’s Market Notes