This Stock Looks Ready to Make a Move

Today, we’re going to do something we haven’t been able to do in weeks: Ignore Washington completely.

Instead, we’ll just report on a company’s earnings and show you what they can do for investors over the next few weeks!

Pretty wild, huh?

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ – NYSE) duplicated its previous quarter’s strong performance with global drug revenues beating estimates and climbing almost 10% to $7.04 billion.

Medical device sales were soft, but Morningstar’s Damien Conover notes that…

The company’s pharmaceuticals division is really well placed with lots of new drug launches at a time when the company is not facing many patent expirations on its other medicines.

And we expect to see more of this strength in the next several quarters.

Bottarelli Research Tip: JNJ has generated six 3x Buy Signal Stacks since December 2011. The median follow-on gain after the first five was 6.20% and the average gain was 10.38%. There was also an exceptional gain of 27%. We know we promised not to talk about Washington but the full roll-out of the Affordable Care Act could create another run like this again. Fortunately, we don’t need another hot run like that to make money here. Another average gain from the recent signal would see JNJ hit $98.34 in the next week or two.

— Bottarelli Research

Source: Bottarelli Research