About Us

Who Are We?
We’re the brand new sister company of Daily Trade Alert– a popular free investment newsletter reaching roughly 200,000 investors each and every day!

Whereas Daily Trade Alert covers a broad range of ideas such as value stocks, growth stocks, dividend stocks, ETFs, commodities, precious metals and some options trades — and is typically geared toward mid to long-term investors — Trades Of The Day focuses largely on technical and options trade opportunities in the short to mid-term.

How it Works
Each day we strive to bring you timely, specific and actionable trade ideas to help you profit in the stock market. We pass these ideas along to you for FREE on our web site and in our daily newsletter, Trades Of The Day.

How is it Free?
Instead of charging you a subscription fee, our operations are funded by advertisements.To help you clearly identify one of these ads, we do our best to label them as either an advertisement, sponsored link, or special offer.

Not for You?
We realize our newsletter may not be for everyone. If at any time you’re not satisfied with our work you can unsubscribe by using the “unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of each and every email. The “unsubscribe” process simple, quick and effective.

Have Questions?
We try to keep the communication lines with our readers as open as possible. If you have anything to tell us — whether it’s an idea on how we can improve or a success story from an idea you heard about at Trades Of The Day we’d be happy to hear from you.