Warning: This Stock May Continue to Drift Lower

March 10, 2017


Today’s chart proves that even high-quality businesses sometimes go through rough patches…

We’re taking a close look at blue-chip retail titan Target (TGT). The $30 billion company is one of the top retailers in the U.S.

Over the last year, it recorded $70 billion in sales.

It also rewards shareholders, having increased its dividend every year for more than four decades.

But even Target isn’t immune to a pullback.

Earlier this year, it reported earnings that fell short of analyst expectations.

Facing increased competition from uber-successful online retailer Amazon (AMZN), Target’s fourth-quarter sales were weaker than expected.

As you can see from the following chart, investors have been running for the exits… Target shares are down nearly 25% through the first quarter of 2017 and are now trading at their lowest levels in nearly five years. After the selloff, the stock yields a huge 4.4%. But until Target shows it’s turning things around for the better, shares may continue to drift lower…

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Source: Daily Wealth’s Market Notes